Men’s Summer Essentials

Men’s Summer Essentials

So you started to notice with the temperature rising, your winter sweaters and boots just don’t seem to fit the bill anymore. Time for some splash of bright colors and cool breathable clothes to keep you summer ready and staying cool. Here is your guide to men’s stylish summer basics.

Fabrics. If you don’t want to find yourself smelling like funk and sweating after the first 10 minutes of being in the sun, stay away from any polyester or any other synthetic material. Think cotton, linen and even summer wool.

Color. Go with bright and light to keep the heat from absorbing.  The darker you are, the better brighter colors look on you. One bright color piece is enough for the outfit.  A paler complexion should go with lighter colors.

Shirts. V-necks work best if you have sharper, angular features and crew neck work best if you have more round, soft facial features. T-shirts can be worn by themselves or can be dressed up with a blazer.  Button-down shirts are classier than a T-shirt and always look good when wanting to make a good impression. Polos will be the workhorse of your summer wardrobe, so have several on hand.  The neck aids in framing your face so make sure it lays properly when unbuttoned.

Shorts. The goal is to have nice clean lines. Garments should follow the lines of your body, so  avoid cargo pockets. Shorts are meant to hit right above the knee.  Try neutral colored shorts and a colorful shirt. Or have fun with some colorful shorts and a lighter colored or neutral shirt to create balance.

Pants. Pants made from natural fibers can actually keep you cooler than shorts. Go with lighter neutrals to pair with a colorful shirt or vice versa. Add a canvas belt instead of leather to keep your look light and breezy.

Shoes. Canvas are perfect with shorts paired with ankle or invisible socks. For formal settings, suede will keep you much cooler than leather. Try suede brogues, or suede loafers.  

Jackets. The rules still apply as discussed before. Stick with natural fibers and go with neutrals like light grey or camel or a colorful jacket and the rest of the outfit in neutrals. You want the fit to be snug at your shoulders and to fall a few inches below the waist line.

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Photo Credit: Famous Outfits, Sachad, Stuurman Style Diary, kjs_jun, Asos.